how to pass the passport controle

1ST STEP. Authorisation to enter the country.
To entry Russian Federation you should have a valid travel passport and a visa.Passport must be valid 6 months beyond intended stay.
You do not need Russian Visa if:
You hold a Russian travel passport.
In this case you can go to the GREEN CHANNEL

You need the declaration if: You are not sure that you do not need it. If you have a lot of cash, jewellery, valuble electronics, arts, antiques or you had lost your baggage.
You have an unaccompanied luggage travels separately from you; You have one of:
a) securities (stock, fixed income securities, traveler's cheques, and others);
b) gold, silver, platinum and metals of platinum group such as: palladium, iridium, rhodium, ruthenium, and osmium in any form and substance, excluding temporarily imported (exported) jewelry
c) natural diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and alexandrite, as well as natural pearls (raw or processed), except temporarily imported (exported) jewelry
d) weapon, ammunitions, and high explosives;
e) narcotics and psychotropic substances as well as their analogues;
f)cultural values (fine arts, violins etc)
g) poisonous, poison gases, and drugs which can harm health of the person;
h) radioactive substances;
i)objects of the wild flora and fauna, their parts and products produced out of them;
j) radio transmitters except for radio telephones of cellular networks
k) materials that contain classified information or porno media, propagade fascism, racial, national and religious hostility;
l) goods which quantitative (weighting) limits are set for the transfer across the custom border with tax and customs charges;
m) goods for commercial activity.
In this case go to RED CHANNEL

Where do I get the customs declaration?
1. The airline cabine crew are distributing it during a flight.
2. You can grab it at the booth near the baggage claiming area.
Here is a sample of CUSTOMS DECLARATION.

2ND STEP: Choose a customs channel
It is a requirement for all non-Russian visitors to complete an immigration form. If your airline company does not distribute these don't worry, they can be found in the airport to the right of the passport control booths, in the corner. The form comprises of two sections, Arrival and Departure, both must be completed upon arrival. It's a not a lengthy form and can be completed quickly while inevitably queuing for passport control. The form requires basic information such as name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, sex, purpose of visit (multiple choice), address while in Russia (if known), term of stay (from/until) Hand in the completed form along with your passport at the passport control desk. After scrutinising the submitted information the arrival section is retained and the departure section is stamped and returned along with your passport. If you're intending to remain in Russia longer than three days you must get registered. The back of this departure form is used for any registration stamps.

Export regulations
Items forbidden for export from the Russian Federation:
a) Narcotics and psychotropic substances as well as accessories for opium and hashish smoking
b) Historical and cultural values (including antiques, art works, musical instruments, books etc.) produced more than 100 years ago, excluding prior exported ones and shown on your customs declaration.
c) Annulled securitis
d) Horns of saiga, maral, and dappled deer; skin of dappled deer
f) Medium containing classified information.
g) More than 250 g of caviar.
Passengers are allowed to export non-commercial goods without paying the customs taxes if the total cost of the goods does not exceed the equivalent of 10.000 USD.
Export of cultural values (including collections of all kinds, musical instruments, items of 50 and more years old, and the like) is allowed with the permission of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation ( the Ministry of Culture may be reached at
+7 (812)117-3496/5196/0302, 17 Malaya Morskaya st.) or according to the records of the customs body made at these cultural values import (e.g. customs declaration, form TD-6). Export from the Russian Federation of alcohol beverages and tobacco is allowed in amounts for personal needs.

Russian customs official web site (In Russian)