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The Russian Money
how to get 'em

Rubles are the name of Russian bank notes (tickets). There are notes of 1,000; 500; 100; 50; 10 and 5 rubles. There are coins of 5; 2; 1 rubles and 50; 10; 5 and 1 kopecks.
There is a table which gives you rubels images and there rough exchange rate into US dollars:

Rubles security features

1,000 rubles
32 USD
500 rubles 16 USD
100 rubles
50 rubles 1,6 USD
10 rubles ~0.32 USD
5 rubles ~0.16 USD

The current exchange rate is shown at the informer below:

And here you can find a lot of intersting financial information from the Central State Bank of Russia:

The Central State Bank of Russia

How to exchange the money in Russia?
The one and the only answer is to go to the bank or to the currency exchange office. Never change money with a strangers: you will lost 'em.
There are a lot off exchange offices and banks all over the city center. You can recognize 'em by the lable: "Обмен валюты" (currency exchange).

money exchange office in Russia

Using ATM in Russia
There is an ATM at the right side of the Arrival hall ground floor. You can withdraw Rubles, US Dollars or Euro in it. (But honestly saying most of the time you can get only Rubles).
If you are the happy holder of the Visa/MC Debit Check card, the ATM is the most profitable way to exchange your money to Rubles : You will get the best rate and will not pay the comissions (unless your bank will charge it).The amount you can withdraw is usually limited by ATM from $100 to $400 a time.

But if you are smart enough, you can repeate the procudure, or go to the live teller and withdraw money within your account limit.
If you are living on credit you can withdraw cash too, but the best way to change money for you is to go with cash to the exchange office.
You can exchage money at the exchange office in the Depature hall, but ususally they have not so profitable rates, as you can get in a City. Here we put the logos of the most trustable City banks exchanges offices (a trustability does not guarantee the best exchange rate):
Baltisky bank P.S.B.
Raiffeisen bank Sberbank